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Our story starts in the summer of 2013.  While pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at The University of Alabama, I returned home for summer break between junior & senior year. It was on this break that my Grandmother taught me the process of  making artisan lye soaps and ignited my interest in making my own soap. At the end of that Summer break, I returned to campus and begin doing more research on the history of lye-based soaps, the various processes and the benefits of the oils used in the soap making process. 

My history with natural soaps also started long before I learned to make them.  As a teenager,  I suffered from acne on my face and shoulders and being an athlete didn't help any.  I tried numerous treatments and prescription medications, but none helped without causing more harm.  My mom suggested that I try a more natural solution, lye soap.  It was something that I could fit into my everyday routine (perfect for a teenager) and came with no side-effects.